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Senior majoring in Computer Science with a concentration in Economics. I am interested in Machine Learning, Web Development, and Education Technology.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Candidate for Bachelor's in Science in Computer Science | GPA: 5/5


Fall 2019 Introduction to Programming in Python, Introduction to Computational Thinking, Electricity and Magnetism, Multivariable Calculus, What is Capitalism?
IAP 2020 Pokerbots
Spring 2020 Math for Computer Science, Introduction to Machine Learning, Toy Product Design, Differential Equations, French I
Fall 2020 Introduction to Algorithms, Fundamentals of Programming, Probability and Random Variables, Microeconomics
IAP 2021 Introduction to Deep Learning
Spring 2021 Elements of Software Construction, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Embedded Systems, Medieval Economic History
Fall 2021 Computation Structures, Digital and Computational Photography, Introductory Biology, Cultures of Computing
Spring 2022 Advances in Computer Vision, Real Analysis, Introduction to Psychological Science, Psychology and Economics, Managerial Finance

Work Experience

Software Engineering Intern
  • Integrated Jira Ticketing system to the platform enabling customers to create Jira Issues of actionables directly from Balbix dashboard
  • Helped the platform automate accounting in the AAA (authenticate, authorize, accounting) cyber-risk framework
Oya Inc.
Graphics and Web Designer
  • Designed WordPress themes for websites- Oya Opportunities and Oya School
  • Led a team of 4 people in research and website development of Oya School- a platform for information on colleges abroad

Research Experience

Document Processing Lab
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT
  • Designed deep-learning pipeline based on multi-modal framework to extract field of interest from real life invoices
  • Achieved an F1 score of 0.93 with <2 hrs of training on an invoice dataset
  • Designed an end-to-end user interface to interact with the document processing algorithms developed in the lab
Decentralized Information Group
Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Lab, MIT
  • Implemented APIs for private versions of Machine Learning and optimization (Differential Privacy) and Federated Learning
  • Built a secure backend architecture and front-end for a web interface to interactively try out basic Differential Privacy and Federated Learning
Civic Data Design Lab
Department of Urban Studies and Planning, MIT
  • Worked on data pre-processing and engineering to analyze Call Data Records of Sierra Leone to provide insights on mobility pattern to help in forming policies around COVID-19
  • Programmed, and deployed in AWS, the backend and APIs for Visualize NYC 2021 web interface to share and visualize vision for New York City

Other Involvements

  • Organizing monthly events to celebrate Nepali heritage and discuss current issues
  • Collaborate with other South Asian student groups at MIT to celebrate South Asian culture
  • Collaborate with Nepali student organizations in neighboring universities to organize major festivals
ExplainMIT (explain.web.app)
Team Member- User Interface/Experience focused
  • Built a collaborative online space for students and faculty to work together and teach in small groups
  • Ran trail in 3 MIT classes and used in one for the Fall 2020 semester

Technical Skills


Python Java Beginner C++ Beginner

Web Development

HTML JavaScript CSS ReactJS Beginner Flask Beginner

Machine Learning

Deep Learning Beginner Computer Vision

Graphics Designing

Adobe Lightroom Adobe Illustrator


Image Processing